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Understand hearing loss and develop new tests for hearing.


studying the causes of hearing loss


identifying the nature of hearing loss in the clinic


applying knowledge to the development of clinical tools

Do you have ‘Hidden Hearing Loss’?

An estimated 15%, or roughly 1 in 7 adults report hearing difficulty despite a normal definition of hearing (Spankovich et al, 2018). 

Take our quiz to find out if you could be one of the 15%.

Everyday noise can do more damage than you think

Noise exposure could be the cause of your hearing difficulties. Information on acceptable noise levels can be found here, and download a sound level meter App to your phone to find out how loud your favorite activities really are. 

Download a Sound Level Meter App to your iPhone

Do you have a hearing loss?

While you can only get an accurate hearing test from a licensed audiologist, there are some hearing tests you can do from the comfort of your home.